Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson

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First Name * Greg
Last Name * Jackson
Username * Greg-Jackson
Country * South Africa
City Durban
Nationality British / South African / Spanish
Languages EnglishJapanese


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Computer Systems Design
Preferred Tools 3ds maxPhotoshopTexturingModelingVrayCharacter designCharactersCodingConcept artCSSDeep PaintDesignDigital FusionGraphicsJavaScriptMudboxPHPRenderingVueWeb GraphicsWebsites


Availability: Freelance


I started my interest in art once I hit high-school.

Only when I finished school did I find that the best field for me might be 3D. And so my journey started there.

I first picked up my 30 day trial of 3ds max 5 and started playing around. The program was way to complex with the amount of time that I had free. So only after I joined the un-emplyed ranks did I really start to play with it.
However once work started again I lost the time.

As of July, 2008 I forced myself back into it and have also decided to give Softimage XSI a try as I like the look and feel to it.

I like to think that before this day I have never done 3d, and this is my new road. Starting from scratch!